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The Complete
React Web Developer Course

Learn how to build and launch React web applications using React, Redux, Webpack, React-Router, and more!

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Have you tried to learn React before?

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of libraries and tools only to come out of it not knowing how to build React applications.

I built this course to show you how you can build and launch real-world React web applications.

This course was designed around one goal: turning you into a professional React developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications.

Learn By Building Apps

This course is project based. You'll be writing code, building apps, and completing challenges in every video.

Indecision App

You’ll learn the fundamentals of React while seeing exactly what it takes to get a React app up and running.

  1. Learn the basics of JSX and React
  2. Master React Components
  3. Setup your project with Webpack
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Expensify App

You’ll set up Redux, authentication, user accounts, routing, testing, form validation, database storage, and more.

  1. React Router for multipage apps
  2. An automated test suite with Jest
  3. Data store and authentication with Redux
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Taught By Andrew Mead

Andrew Mead is a software developer and teaching living in beautiful Philadelphia. He created his own web app devlopment company helping business launch their own applications. Now he teaches software development to over 68,000 students looking to learn Node and React.

Learn More Than Just React

You'll learn everything you need to know to build, test, and deploy your own web applications.

Get Help 7 Days a Week

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck ten hours into a course and not getting the help you need to continue. Getting stuck is part of the learning process. That’s why I’m here to answer every single question. I’ll work with you to get you unstuck and back on track.

Join 3,000 Other Students

This course has been battle-tested in the real-world having taught React to over 3,000 people.

"What I really like about this course is that Andrew describes every aspect in a very simple way and provides challenges so you are able to actually remember everything you write. Definitely recommend this course if you want to learn React!"

"Andrew's courses are always top-notch and his delivery is friendly and engaging. So far this course is proving to deliver the same high quality. I'm excited to see an integration with Firebase coming up later in the course!"

"Like usual Andrew is a coding monster, giving you all the knowledge you need to learn, the course progresses in a great way, starting from the basics reaching the most complex parts of the frameworks. He is also very active in the Q&A answering every question."

"I'm very impressed with Andrew's thoroughness; I like the way he explains every single step as he goes along. I also like the structure of the course; I find the demonstrations followed by a challenge a great way to learn. I also find his diction very clear and his general upbeat attitude very motivating."

"Andrew is an amazing instructor. They way he explains topic is absolutely phenomenal. He starts from scratch in order for us to understand every single step. I came from another React course because I was not satisfy with the explanations. Highly recommended."

"I am going through this course and I love how Andrew is clear and well spoken. Everything is talks about I completely understand and I am loving react. So far ES6 is a beast and I love using ES6 syntax. Great job on this course I highly recommend."

35 Hours of Professional Video

From the first videos you’ll be building out each project as well as completing programming challenges I’ve designed to test and reinforce what you’ve learned.

The Complete Package

  1. Rocket

    Everything you need to learn React

  2. Video

    35 hours of HD video

  3. Computer

    187 project-based lectures

  4. Chat

    Fast and friendly customer support

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Learn The Entire React Stack

  1. React Components and JSX
  2. Redux state management
  3. Firebase authentication and database
  4. Jest automated test suite
  5. React-Router client-side routing
  6. Webpack asset bundling
  7. Many more great third-party tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these apps to make money or get a job?

Absolutely! After all, you'll be the one creating the application from the ground up. It's your work. You can share it, sell it, or add it to your portfolio. There's no need to credit me or the course.

Is it worth it to learn React?

Yes. Companies like Facebook, Walmart, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix are all using React in production right now. They’ve also made heavy investments in the React ecosystem, creating new libraries and tools that speed up and simplify React development. From the biggest to the smallest, everyone’s using React and new jobs are popping up every day.

What if I don't love it?

My goal is to give you the real-world skills and experience required to build and launch your own React app. If you're no enjoying the class, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Are you ready to learn React?

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